"I've heard Crew is really expensive. How much does it really cost?"

Ocean City Crew Boosters, Inc. is a parent-operated organization that predominantly funds the High School Crew program. Our team operates on a working budget of roughly $100,000 each year. The High School gives our team 5-10% of our budget. Fundraising efforts by each member accounts for 25% and the remaining 65-70% is dependent upon each individual member and their family through the OC Crew Boosters, Inc.


Our budget includes: coaching salaries & travel expenses in the fall and winter seasons, all equipment (Trailers, boats, launches, oars, ergs, etc.), regatta entry fees, food and tent services at all races, insurance, equipment and trailer maintenance, and miscellaneous expenditures. This budget does not include our fall and winter training which is an essential start to our spring competitive season. This is an out of pocket payment required by each participating rower that typically totals around $150 each season. The Spring Season is $500.00. These costs are mandatory but can be supplemented through participation in fundraising activities. Families cannot just "choose" to sell some of the fundraising tickets, including 50/50 and Dinner Club. Either sell all the tickets or pay the fee out right. 


Ocean City Crew thrives on its fundraising efforts from local events, family and friends, the local community and alumni. The heaviest fundraising push is during the fall and spring semesters. Each of our crew families is encouraged to participate in these various events. In the past we have had: flower sales, 50/50 raffle, car washes, sold Dinner Club tickets, had crew clothing sales, Vine and Dine events, Beef and Beverage events, BINGO. We also sponsor a very successful summer rowing camp. Your participation in these fundraising events help keep the costs reasonable for rowers and their families. Without the success of fundraising, Ocean City Crew could not practice and fact, it would not exist!


Each family is required to pay a tent fee of $200.00 for the spring Varsity season which covers the cost of feeding our rowers and their families on race days throughout the spring season. ($100.00 for each additional rower in family).


Rowers are given uniforms Freshman year and have the option to buy unis during sophomore year. Crew Jackets are available for purchase after rower has completed a season. Students can buy various crew related gear throughout the year at different times.


Crew is an expensive sport to operate. But in the end, crew gives back far more in building the character, integrity and perseverance of a child. 




"Today I will do what others won't.

So tomorrow I can do what others can't."

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