When :   September 18th - Thanksgiving  



Time:      4:00pm - around 6:00pm,

                Mon, Wed & Thurs.


Where:   34th St Bridge Boatyard

                 (Under the 34th St Bridge)


Cost:       $100 per rower, $25 discount        

                for additional rowers from

                the same family

A bus will not be provided to the boathouse, so you will have to provide your own transportation


***Fall Crew is an OC Crew Booster Program

     and is not run by Ocean City High School***



Sign-ups will take place during:

1 -  The first day of practice on Monday 

       September 18th at 4:00pm at the

       boatyard under the 34th Street

       Bridge in Ocean City.

       (Please see Mrs. Oves or one of her   

        delegates to register)

You will need to submit or complete all 3 of the following in order to paticipate in fall crew. No Exceptions.


 1) Complete registration form and submit to Mrs. Donna Oves or one of her delegates at the boatyard your first day of participation. (See "Registration Form" button to the right)


2) You will also have to register and to sign an insurance waiver on US Rowing.  A list of rowers who have completed these two task will be provided to the registrars. (See "Waiver" Button to the right for tutorial) 


3) You must submit a fee of $100, payable to, OC Crew Boosters .